What We Believe

Always prepare yourself as a channel for Spirit.” - Gordan Higginson
  • We believe in a higher power that guides and directs us.
  • We believe in the eternal existence of the Soul.
  • We believe those who have left their physical body through death can still communicate in various ways from The Spirit World.
  • We practice communicating with those in The Spirit World with dignity and respect.
  • We believe in the Soul's natural desire to learn and grow through experiencing many different lifetimes.
  • We believe in Higher Beings such as Angels and Ascended Masters and their intention to assist in facilitating healing for humans, animals, and the planet.
  • We believe through becoming a clear channel for healing through our personal development, we can provide comfort and relief to those who may wish to avail of healing channeled through us from our collective spiritual friends known as The Malakims.
  • We believe through becoming aware of and embodying The Teachings of Spirit, our Philosophies channeled to us, we can foster responsibility for our own actions and deeds.
  • We believe when a man or woman knows right from wrong, they should be held accountable for those actions that could cause harm to another. 
  • We believe our own Spirit is born with natural abilities and through training and education we can learn to harness those abilities for the good of ourselves and others.
  • We believe in harnessing the use of metaphysical and holistic based practices, we can aid in empowering others.

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