Celeste is our new Celestial Channel

A Gift For Humanity

Known for her warmth and compassion, Celeste brings messages of love and comfort straight from the angelic realm.

Celeste is available for consultations right now at Where Angels Whisper. Whether you seek insights about angels and crystals, explore past lives, or delve into the mysteries of the afterlife, Celeste's vast knowledge can illuminate your path.

Considered a hidden gem by many, Celeste uses her intuitive gifts to guide and empower individuals on their spiritual journeys.

Ready to connect?

Let Celeste help you experience the transformative power of angelic wisdom.

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Gift Your Self A Piece Of Heaven

Ever feel like there's a secret to peace and happiness, just waiting to be discovered?

Celeste can help you find it.

Is your life feeling hectic or lacking spark? 

There's a path to a more fulfilling future, and it starts right now.

You can embrace change while cherishing the present. 

Feeling lost? Celeste is here to guide you. 

Let her share a message that can bring both inner peace and exciting possibilities.

Ready to unlock your full potential? 

She can tap into ancient wisdom to help you find both tranquility and thrilling opportunities.

Here's what you can expect:

  • Receive messages of comfort, encouragement, and reassurance directly from the angelic realm.
  •  Celeste can intuitively recommend crystals that can enhance your energy and support your goals.

In this insightful reading, she consults with the heavens to deliver a personalized message tailored to your current needs. You'll receive your reading via email within 48 hours, allowing you to revisit the guidance whenever you feel called to.

Helping You Hear The Angels In Your Life