Our History

Before you can touch the Spirit you must find it within yourself.” - Gordon Higginson

Gordan Higginson

Where Angels Whisper was formed in 2009 as online community group. Dawn has always had a firm belief in Angels and saw them as a child. In early 2011 it went from an online community to a registered shop, providing readings angel gifts, and crystals. She visited The Arthur Findley College, in Standstead for the first time in July of that year. It's known to be the Hogwarts for Mediums and was founded by one of the worldest finest mediums, Gordon Higginson. 

Having no prior knowledge of Gordan, who passed away to spirit in 1993, she met him through a direct spirit communication instigated by him, in the great hall while a mediumship demonstration was taking place. It was through this connection with Gordan, Dawn became his student as he mentored her from the Spirit World in Trance states several years later. Multiple recordings of his communications are within the library of content within Celestial Circle. Gordan was also a gifted Trance Medium and his training of Dawn in these states have made her one of the most respected Trance Mediums in the world.

She also discovered one of his own guides name, is Light. The meaning of Dawn is Light. As we believe in reincarnation, we believe its possible Dawn was Gordon's Spirit Guide and then he became hers. There are many common threads that showed a soul connection between Dawn & Gordon and this relationship continues today, as he is the core spiritual educator in spirit for students who use Where Angels Whisper. Gordon also channelled the name to Dawn long before they met spiritually. Dawn was never trained by other mediums and all her training came directly from the Spirit World. Her style of training is consistent with very old methods of mediumship. 

Where Angels Whisper closed in 2012, for nearly nine years and re-opened again as a business under Gordons guidance in July 2020. In that same year Dawn & Jason met online through very unusual circusmstances. It was not a union that came easy and its taken a vast amount of commitment on both parts to make it work. Both shared a passion for Trance and there was undeniable links that they had known each other for many life times.  Jason had also spent time in The Arthur Findley College and had a strong interest in Trance & Phsyical Mediumship. Dawn always knew for many years another person was coming to walk with her as a partner in mediumship and life. When Jason arrived into her life, she knew that time had come. Jason a native to the UK also knew he would move to Ireland and partner with a female medium at some point in his life. He also experienced a deep connection with Gordan at his time in college.

They both now reside in a small southern Ireland villiage on the border of Derry in Ireland, hosting very special evenings for those that come to listen to The Malakims and connect with their loved ones in spirit once more.