Feathers From Above Can Hold Messages Of Love

The picture below has 5 feathers for you to choose from.

Close your eyes and ask to be guided to one only. When you reopen your eyes, choose the one that you feel drawn to.

The Answers Are Revealed Below. You can also order a private feather reading with Dawn.

Five Feathers With Five Channeled Messages

The Blue Feather

Your Message From Your Angels

This feather represents looking to the things that give you stability in life. Who or what brings you loyalty and consistency and trust?

Tranquility is needed to help you feel connected to your life. Have you been to busy to enjoy the simple things?

Do you struggle to trust those around you? Your Angels guide you to love with all your heart and step out of your comfort zone. Your ready for some new experiences.

The Pink Feather

Your Message From Your Angels

Your entering a phase of happiness, good health and good fortune.

The gentleness of the pink tones calls on you to give freely to yourself and others. Abundance is meant to be shared and you may find getting involved in charity work very rewarding at this time. 

Its important to lead from a place of kindness and compassion for others. When you have something important to say, ask us your Angels to guide your words and even your actions.

The Yellow Feather

Your Message From Your Angels

You may need to think things through before you take action. The yellow feather represents being cautious and wise.

Use discernment to feel if the direction your moving in is right for you. Your seeking happiness and it's your birth right to be happy, but will it come at a cost?

Would it be more suitable right now to wait this out and see how it all unfolds for you more naturally. While you pause, watch how your concerns fade away and you have more time to focus on the here and now. A wish is being granted!

The Turquoise Feather

Your Message From Your Angels

The angels of protection are surrounding you helping you surmount a challenge. They ask you give your fears and worries to them. 

Now is a powerful time to work on a creative project. This calmness soothes your soul and helps you feel refreshed and inspired. You might prefer to attend an art gallery or a social outing where you can express yourself. 

Your confidence is soaring now and its an ideal time to invest in something new. 

The Green Feather

Your Message From Your Angels

Rest and relaxation are your Angels prescription for you today. Its time to get into harmony with your physical body. Nature walks are also perfect.

Your in a gathering phase and this means your possibly feeling you need your own space to mull over your life. Take all the time you need. Its in these quiet times your Angels can whisper love and guidance to you.

Its time to expect the best and let go of any fearful thoughts you may have been experiencing.

Personal Feather Readings With Dawn

Personal Feather Readings Are Delivered In Video Format. They are up to 30 minutes in length and focus on the dominant feathers that are drawn  for you. You will see your feathers and hear the messages brought forward from your Angels. each reading is unique and personal.

They can cover a wide variety aspects of your life, including love, career, family, purpose and more.