Online Celestial Readings

 You can choose which of us you wish to work with below. Select the date you wish and proceed to the time selection page. Proceed to pay and book your reading. 

You will receive an email after you reserve your time slot, with the zoom codes. This may occur 24 hours before your appointment. Please Whatsapp us if you need any assistance.

Readings can last up to 40 minutes and focus on your highest good within that session. 

Your asked to be in a quiet space and no other person is permitted to sit with you for this reading. 

Spiritual Medium Dawn

Love, Career, Purpose, Spirit

Dawn attunes to energies easily and channels the deepest wisdom from the heavenly realms. She brings forward messages of hope from the Angels, to shed light on your past, present, and future. Her practical approach, grounds your energy, while you prepare to make the best possible decisions you can, based on the guidance presented. 

She loves to share messages from loved ones, providing evidence they continue to be present in your life daily.

Clairvoyant Medium Jason

Family, Love, Career, Spirit

Jason has the gift of clear seeing and the impressions he receives help him use remote viewing skills, coupled with Spirit Communication to share insights about all aspects of your life. His friendly, down-to-earth readings are reassuring, and supportive and give clear timelines and steps to take for a happier more fulfilled life. 

Jason loves to connect with the Spirit world and connects with both loved ones and pets. 

In Person Readings & Healing Appointments

Kind Words From Clients

Reading Disclaimer

Any reading provided to you is intended for enterainment purposes only. Although we hold qualified Life Coaches and Healers, our guidance should never replace common sense and what feels most appropriate to you. Readings are not intended to be—and should not be interpreted as—medical, financial, legal, psychological, or career advice. If you have a serious problem, you should seek the advice of a licensed professional. Dawn or Jason cannot read for anyone under the age of 18 or who is suffering from serious mental health challenges.

 For safe gaurding reasons, Dawn & Jason do not read for friends and family. We ask all clients, students and social media users to respect our professional role, by maintaing healthy boundaries. We retain the right to refuse to read for or work with those that show signs of co-dependency and other behaviours that maybe a conflict of interest. Behaviours such as stalking or harrassment are taken seriously.  Messaging our strictly private personal phone numbers may warrant us taking appropriate actions. Please use the contact methods on this site only to message us. The options available to contact us are the website chat app and our email adress, located at the bottom of this website. We also retain the right to suspend student training if our code of ethics and student guidelines are breached. This could mean the loss of any financial investment on the students part.  By booking a psychic reading or atteending a class or event, you acknowledge and agree to the Terms of Service.