The Malakims

Many people that transition to the spirit world often like to carry on their work from there. They can often appoint themselves as what is known as a Spirit Guide to help a person evolve with specific skills. We have been fortunate to have a collective of educators who have assisted us with the building of our copper pyramid, our mediumship development, and even the writing of our books. We call our group The Malakims, which was channeled to Dawn and means Angels in Hebrew. These are just some of the Spirit Guides who work with us. You can read more about them and how they became part of our home development circle over the course of 30 years, in our private members group Celestial Circle.

Gordan Higginson - SNU Medium

Florence Cook - Trance & Phsyical Medium

Geraldine Cummins - Automatic Writer & Author

Doris Stokes - British Clairaudient Medium

Colin Fry - Professional Medium

William Butler Yeats - Irish Poet & Playwright

Allan Kardec - French Teacher & Founder of Spiritism

Albert Einstein - Scientist

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