About Us

The Soul also comes on a long voyage. It enters into this world, unsure of its destiny or destination but willing to learn.”

— Channelled by Dawn from their upcoming book The Teachings of Spirit

Our Mission

Through the teachings of The Malakims (our collective spiritual helpers) we offer a path of love, light, healing, and service.

Where Angels Whisper (WAW) is a community for people from all walks of life, wishing to embrace the universal teachings of The Malakims.

Our aim is to support others as they navigate their spiritual growth through the understanding of these profound messages and through creating a gentle approach to living.

We uphold our aims through our publications, our membership area and through the classes we teach.

Our Work

Began with a whisper

We have always known another was coming into our lives to support each other's passion for The Spirit World. Our work fulfills us spiritually and it also inspires others to live their dreams. 

Our History

We've always known each other

We knew each other long before we met each other. Our Twin Flame connection meant we often were living parallel lives. We found each other in 2020 and began to move mountains to bring our lives together.

What We Believe

The Soul is eternal

We believe the Soul is eternal and that it can experience many expressions of itself through multiple incarnations. We believe it can live on even when not in a physical body.

The Malakims

What it means

The word Malakim means angels or messengers in Hebrew. It was channeled to Dawn who researched it and found its meaning. It's the collective group name we identify our spiritual helpers by.