We offer a variety of Healing types. Each one combines different techniques for different aspects of your being. Celestial Healing is ideal for emotional challenges, while our copper pyramid amplifies healing for physical issues. Trance healing brings our guides The Malakims forward who may offer advice on your overall wellness while they work with you directly for your healing session. A combined healing allows you to experience a blend of our healing methods and is often a great starting session for first-timers. Both Dawn & Jason are present for Trance Healing and combined healing sessions. When booking your healing session they will ask you a very basic over view of why you feel healing is needed at this time for you and discuss which healing session they feel would best suit your needs. 

Create Harmony & Balance Within


Celestial Healing is a unique blend of Reiki, Angelic Light Rays, Trance and Spiritual Healing. While in a relaxed state, healing may be channeled through us from Higher Beings or Spirit Guides. These beings oversee your healing and guide you through each session. 

The human energy field is known as the Aura and contains several energy centers known as the Chakras. In a healing session, we channel light energy, which is source energy, made up of unconditional love, sound, and vibrations. By attuning ourselves as Healers to these vibrations we are able to open to a higher consciousness that knows exactly what is required to help create balance in the mind, body, and spirit. 

We intuitively assess where any vibrational blockages exist within your energy field and physical body and can when guided to, understand and know how these blockages occurred. 

Healing is often done in different layers hence why we always recommend a minimum of 3-4 sessions as close together as possible for the best outcome. When you complement this with good self-care, such as diet, exercise, and adequate water you will find you get the best results.

Healing can never replace the medical guidance of your own doctor. It can however compliment the treatment you maybe receiving.

We provide a collective healing process, where whatever is within your highest good, arises for healing first. 

It can emerge in various layers and we recommend a minimum of four sessions for more conclusive results.

How Healing Works

Within a treatment you remain fully clothed. You usually lie down on a healing bed, but you can sit if you prefer.  We will direct healing energy into you, and it will work with your body and your aura.  From there you are unconsciously in charge of where the energy goes.  It's a team effort.

Healing is a personal experience and we treat each person individually, assessing their mind, body and spiritual needs. At the beginning of your healing journey with us, we use intuitive forensics to assess what is causing  challenges for you and how this maybe related to your emotional state. Through the intuitive awareness imparted to us, we make adjustments within your spiritual and physical bodies.  

Healing naturally raises the vibration of your own energy field, which aids in the full participation of your spirit.

When we conduct public healing clinics in other centers and hotels, we often bring along our seven foot copper pyramid for enhanced healing benefits. It acts as an energy barrier, amplfier and copper is known for its healing properties. They can aid in increasing energy, focus, improve stiff joints, decrease blood pressure and more.

Our Pyramid is special to us as its dimensions where channeled to us from our spiritual friends The Malakims and we proceeded to create it based on their instructions. Not only is it a sound piece of engeneering, it holds such a calming affect when you sit or lie within it.

We conduct all our healing sessions together, so you experience a deeper level of healing and receive that spiritual guidance from The Malakims as we work with you. We also introduce modern technology to track and monitor your heart rate and relaxation levels throughout the session. 

A typical first session is approximately about an hour with follow up sessions approximately about 45 minutes.

Benefits of Healing

  • A sense of calmness 
  •  A sense of belonging 
  • Reduced physical & emotional symptoms
  • Improved sleep 
  • Increased motivation 
  • Improved energy levels
  • Resolved traumas 
  • Balanced thinking 
  • Improved problem solving

What Can Our Healing Assist With?

  • Anxiety & Depression 
  • Sleep disorders 
  • PTSD 
  • Addictions 
  • Bereavement 
  • Stress

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