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Weekly heavenly guidance

Sunday 31st of July

The Angel that is guiding you this week is Archangel Sandalphon. The angel of earthing and grounding. Your guided to be sensible in your approach this week. Events could be happening very quickly around you, so you will need to…

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Sunday 24th of July

This week we embrace the loving energies of Archangel Raguel. Relationships that may have been running stale or strained are now finding harmony and peace. Where arguments have been creating tension, they are being helped by this beautiful healing angel. 

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Sunday 17th of July

The Angel that is guiding us this week is Archangel Raphael. He infuses his emerald green light of healing into all you think, see and do. Know as you engage with others your energy is emanating his healing to all…

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Sunday 10th of July

This week see's Raziel come forward, strong and powerful, he guides you to take back your power. What ever, who ever is pulling of your energy and draining you requires you to put a firm boundary in place. Let the…

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Sunday 03rd of July

Welcome to another powerful week. This week we see the gentle Archangel Haniel join us. Haniel brings mixed emotions this week and you may feel as if your torn between two paths or stuck between a rock and a hard…

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Sunday 26th of June

Archangel Ariel is blessing you this week, and its time to aske for her assistance with material matters you need support with. It could be extra pocket money, assistance as you move through a relationship break down, a family matter…

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Sunday 19th of June

This week the beautiful Archangel Raphael steps into your vibration. Brining vitality and fresh energy, you could be feeling as if a cloud has finally lifted from your head. Your free to enjoy the many abundant parts of your life…

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Sunday 12th of June

The Angel that is guiding you this week is Serephina who brings a rainbow wave of color, change and transformation to you and your energy this week. Your higher self is calling you, even commanding you to face your self…

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Sunday 05th of June

The Angel that is guiding you this week is the Archangel Jophiel. This week you could find life, tidying it's self up in a variety of areas for you. Stagnant energies, now begin to leave your life and you experience…

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Sunday 29th of May

The Angel that is guiding you this week is the Archangel Azrael. Its a week where people could need your energy more. Your energy has been shifting and raising upwards. This means others may gravitate to you for your wisdom…

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