Copper Pyramids Are Known For Their High Vibes

Join us for a group gathering where we share deep trance healing from within our copper pyramid. Previous attendees have reported feeling calm, sleep improvement, and reduced pain levels. 

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Spiritual Healing Gathering Online


This group healing session includes a gentle healing meditation and distant healing sent via our Copper Pyramid. Please read about the benifits of our healing sessions on our healing page.


Distant Healing Gathering


Our distant healing gathering is hosted by Jason. It's a wonderful gentle session, where you may experience deep relaxation allowing your body to absorb healing. Healing goes exactly where it needs to. To find out more about our healing services, please visit the Healing page on this website. Please aim to arrive 5 minutes before the session startsand in a quiet space.

Meet The Malakims

Dawn is Irelands leading Trance Medium. In this group gathering, you will witness a rare ability to allow the spirit world to converes directly through her in a trance like state. They love to answer questions and loved ones may come forward to communicate. 

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