Weekly Inspiration | Monday 06th Sepetmeber, 2021

"Sometimes its Ok to take a risk. Remember the power within you will always help you move more than just mountains."

Dawn is the founder and owner of Where Angels Whisper

She lives in the scenic Co. Donegal, in Ireland with her family and two beautiful cats. She has dedicated her life to her own spiritual growth, so that she can be of support to others.  She has been training in Healing Modalities since 1996 and developed as a Spiritual Medium in 2003, after the passing of her son. 

Through overcoming her own traumatic life experiences,  she inspires others to live a Soul focused empowered life. She offers a listening ear and divinely guided evidential insights to those ready to make changes in their lives.

Would You Like To Live A Soul Aligned Life?

Through Dawn's confidential individual  sessions, you can begin to release and heal old aspects of yourself, as you move towards living a more vibrant, heart-centered life. Dawn's role is to support your liberation and empowerment from old patterns, through building confidence and soul-esteem. She looks at all aspects of your life to help you understand your unique experiences.

Through making divinely guided choices you can embark on a journey of spiritual fulfillment.  

She does this through tapping into the  Whispers of Your Soul and listening to guidance from your Angels & Heavenly Guides. 

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Restore balance in your life with heavenly guidance channeled by Dawn in the presence of your Angels. Love, Career, Family, Purpose & Healing. 


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