“To live from the awareness of true spirit, one must enter the gateway of heaven, which is located within the heart. That kingdom belongs to all men and women, even to animals and creatures. It's in that kingdom, a place of grace, where healing can occur.” The Malakims”

— The Teachings of Spirit with Dawn & Jason

We Met Just A Few Years Ago

But we knew our connection was timeless.

We are often referred to as Medium Flames, because of our soul connection  as Twin Flames and to our lives as Healers and Messengers for the Spirit World. 

We have different ways of connecting with the Spirit World and when combined this allows us to work in harmony with each other and our Spirit Helpers called The Malakims. They channel through us to provide Spiritual Insights and Trance Healing.  Malakim is hebrew for “Angels” or “Helpers.”

As experienced Clairvoyants, we support our clients by providing insights to guide them in all aspects of their lives.

Our One2One sessions provide clarity and often a respite from emotional and physical discomfort. We often team up with our clients, so they get both of us, assisting them at the same time.  This works very well in our Trance Communication & Healing  Sessions, where you can receive guidance in Trance States from Dawn and also Trance Healing with Jason. You however might prefer to work with either of us individually and you can request this when making an appointment. We have limited appointments online with the majority of sessions held in person.  You can read more abour what Trance is right here.

We hold clinics in Donegal, Ireland, and Yorkshire, United Kingdom. Several times a year we travel to provide readings and healings, in other localities. 

We also host Group Evenings for families and friends who wish to spend private time with their loved ones in Spirit in an agreed venue.

A full list of our public group gatherings, where you will meet and witness The Malakims in deep Trance Communication and Healing at work, is available in our events section. These events are held online and also in select venues. 

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