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Hi I am Dawn. My name means light . This vibrational alignment of my name has played a major influence in how I focus my attention and direction. I have always been aware of Angels and loved ones in Spirit. My path as a Lightworker, began to emerge in 1995, when at just 17 years of age I found myself training through the levels of Reiki. 

It was then in 2003, after the passing of my son, I began to experience profound psychic and mediumship experiences. I have spent 20 years sharing heavens insights and connections to loved ones, with the many people who have felt drawn to work with me. 

I am a mum to some amazing children, and this life experience alone, has really helped me excel, when it comes to understanding the many diverse aspects of relationships, family and the balancing of running a spiritual business. 

In my sessions I prefer to just channel what I sense and what your Angels tell me about your life. Cards can be introduced but they are not necessary. My readings are practical, honest and evidential.

I look forward to connecting with you and  those you love in Spirit. 

I am waiting to guide you

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