In the hearts of all men and women resides a light, a force of nature created within each person, unique and ever-present. It is this light that gives way to the love of God or Spirit. ” - The Malakims - A collection of spiritual beings that work with Dawn & Jason.

— Channelled by Dawn from their upcoming book The Teachings of Spirit

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Dawn and Jason have a unique connection. Having discovered their connection as Twin Flames, which is one soul in two different bodies, they explored their own healing path as individuals and then as couple and committed to sharing their experiences with others. The Malakims (Hebrew for Angels)  assisted them in their growth through channelled conversations availabe soon in their upcoming book The Teachings of Spirit. This enabled them to have a deeper understanding of their collective divine purpose as mediums.

At Where Angels Whisper we are committed to holding space for others as they begin to journey through the enfoldment of their spirit. In our regular live sessions we send distant healing, share Messages From Heaven and discuss aspects of spiritual development with our viewers. We gift readings and event passes to our regular loyal users. Subscribe to our email list to get our FREE Meet Your Guardian Angel Meditation. We value the contributions made by our supporters, who engage with us in our live conversations.

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