My Journey With Spirit Has Blessed Me With An Amazing Life

My Spirit Family might say I am one of their best kept secrets! But I am so glad you found me! 

Just incase you have not heard of me yet, know our paths have been aligned for a reason. Over the past two and half decades I have been busy, being a mom, and serving spirit gently. Family values are at the heart of all I choose to do in life, and I know its just as important to you.   I reached a point in my life recently, where I could no longer keep the blessings of my relationship with the spirit world for myself any more. 

The whispers to break out of my bubble of the way I was living was to strong to ignore. 

I hope that our paths meet exactly when you need that message of hope and reassurance. I have every faith that our Angels are preparing to bring us together in someway and that what ever I share with you is of value, honoring the heart of your loved one in heaven.

Being A Spiritual Medium Is A Way Of Life

As a child I had many visitors from Spirit. My closet spirit friend for many years was a boy called Billy Briggs. I was raised for a period of time in Limerick, Ireland and eventually we moved to Mayo, a little further noth. My spirit abilities stayed with me all through the years and became stronger with time and age. 

Over the years I studied healing methods, such as Reiki, Emotional Freedom Techniques, Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching, Past Life Regression, Criminal Psychology, and I have also trained in Suicide Prevention, and Bereavement Counselling. I meditate regularly and spend time doing everyday stuff like, reading, exploring historical places, singing, crafting and simply enjoying down time.

I have appeared in magazines and newspapers such as Take A Break Fate & Fortune, & The Sunday World. I am currently writing my first book, featuring all the highlights of my spirit experiences. You can see previous event photos and some baby shots of me in the VIP area.

I love to combine my creativity to help increase my energy flow. I am a shower singer, dishes thinker and I love throwing my arms around trees to feel their love.”

— Dawn Darling