Our Code of Ethics As Spiritual Advisors

Where Angels Whisper recognizes the great responsibility that is given to our Spiritual Advisors when a member of the public seeks spiritual guidance. It is their responsibility to ensure dignity, and appropriate conduct is provided within the professional role they adopt. We require that all advisors treat their clients with respect, compassion and professionalism at all times. they are required to be 100% client focused at all times.

The privacy of our clients is an important factor at all times. Therefore Advisors are not prohibited to contact clients outside of our place of business platform. All contact should be conducted via our website of our Facebook Page only. 

For your privacy Advisors are not permitted to ask for personal details within a service being provided. Details, such as your phone number, or address may not be granted within a session. You may have included these details when making your appointment. these details are stored safely and never shared by us. 

Forming any emotional connections or romantic ties with a client outside of Where Angels Whisper is completely forbidden. We take this breach of professional conduct very seriously and disciplinary measures will be put in place. Advisors may not refer to you or your presence in a sexual manner within a consultation. 

Our Advisors avoid imposing their personal values, attitudes, beliefs and behaviors, sharing these only to the extent that they may support the customer in understanding the message of the  reading.