A Three Day Virtual Event For The Modern Mystic

Friday 17th, Saturday 18th & Sunday 19th of September 2021 from 7.00pm until 9.30pm

Expand your Knowledge and Experiences of the Heavenly Realms.  Learn the process of easily connecting to Angels and how to channel their light through divine intentions of love.

During our three days of soulful connections, I'll guide you on a journey to self-discovery where I teach you how to create deep lasting friendships with your Angelic Companions. 

You will master an awareness of a variety of Angels, and gain an in-depth awareness of your own personal vibrational system. 

Using my Angel Power Up Session you will develop confidence in aligning to your Higher Self, the portal for Heavenly Whispers to access your conscious thoughts. 

You will also meet your own Over Lighting Angel and journey with them into your own divine spirit. 

Throughout this weekend I will also share intuitive insights with select attendees.  


Three Days of Togetherness & Creating Community

Day 1

Creating Connecting

On Day 1, you will experience

  •  A massive virtual hug from heaven and an introduction to seven major archangels.
  •  Develop an understanding of your own unique energy signature, through color and your intuitive senses
  • Explore which of your Intuitive Senses are developed right now and ready for you to fine tune.
  • Experience a deep sound healing session to attune your energy centers. 

Day 2


 On Day 2, you will experience

  •  Creating  your dream intentions and aligning to your divine truth.
  • Harness the power of Affirmations to illuminate your Spirit.
  • Journey to meet your Over Lighting Angel and discover your  Soul's Purpose.
  • Channel heavenly guidance from your Angel for the highest good of another attendee. (Group Work)

Open Your Heart To Heaven

Tickets On Sale On The 27th of July 2021