Mediumship Mentoring

Dawn is an exceptional teacher who delivers results.” - Tanya - USA


Mediumship is the ability to receive evidential messages from those in the Spirit World and bring comfort to those seeking to reconnect with a loved one. Every person's reason for wishing to make that connection is personal but as a Spirit taught Medium, I have found that Mediumship can play a vital role in the grieving process. As those you love in Spirit often know you so well, sometimes they may offer supportive advice on matters in your life. You always retain the right to free will but it is my firm belief that mediumship can allow people to feel encouraged and understood. 

Under the support of my Spirit Team, I teach Mediums to provide powerful messages of hope and to work ethically, within a frame work that allows the Spirit World to know you are working with integrity on their behalf. 

With that in mind of I have set up a mentoring program, to meet you where your at in your mediumship and bring you forward with confidence. Most mediums will have a sincere pull or reason for wishing to follow this calling in their lives. They usually have experienced grief in some way or are quite conscious of the needs of others. 

Would you like to give one 2 one sittings? Are you preparing for group demonstrations? Or are you hoping to set up your own social media channel delivering messages of comfort? What ever your goals are, I converse directly with your own Spirit Guides and we fine tune a plan of success to bring you right where you both envision your service for spirit will be best placed. Working with me will bring you out of your comfort zone and prepare you for a fulfilled and enriched  path with Spirit. 

Your sessions will be up to 90 minutes long and include additional meditation resources like working with your Spirit Guides, Building Confidence, The Golden Tree of Knowledge and more. 

Your very welcome to message me at the contact page, giving a brief outline of your previous experience if any, before we decide to commit to working together. 

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