Small Groups & Personalized Classes

Technology & Learning

Classes are held in an online platfrom called Zoom. You will need a good device, ideally not a mobile phone and can be in a quiet space for learning. You will also need a good internet connection, webcam and head phones for meditation pratice.

Development classes with Dawn are more than just a learning experience.  As you immerse yourself in understanding your spirit, your passions and your purpose, it becomes a way of life.

Your ready for classes with Dawn if

  • You have felt an urge to learn and can commit
  • You are able to adapt to a professional approach to your development 
  • Your able to embrace and respect classroom etiquette 
  • Have taken Dawn's audio classes on ethics, personal power and preparing to be a Lightworker
  • You will also need to know how to meditate, and practice regularly - this improves your well being and energy flow
Dawn is a teacher that focuses on building confidence, professionalism, and unleashing real abilities that can be trusted and used in a wide variety of ways. She helped me take my gifts and make them all work in harmony with each other. My life now has meaning.” - Gillian McDonald

Preparing For Your Purpose As A Lightworker

Your path as a Lightworker was chosen by you before your incarnation. You will know your a Lightworker, as you maybe highly empathic, deeply intuitive, have had some psychic experiences and feel a pull to help others. Many Lightworkers don't always know where to begin. This is where Dawn's own purpose as a Lightworker steps in to assist those in preparing both their knowledge and energy for the sensitive work of service. Dawn requires all potetential students of any of her classes, including Reiki training to first complete her Lightworker Illumuniation Class. This class is delievered as an Audio and covers the importance of good spiritual hygiene, personal power, grounding, connecting, ethics of a reader or healer and how to establish rapport with your spiritual helpers. It includes a Bonus copy of her Archangel Meditation and prepares you for all of her classes listed below. Your next steps will invlve learning to create personal power through meditation and self care. Commited students understand it can take a year or more to prepare for the path of service.

Follow These Steps To Your Success

 Become A Healer

Approximate time commitment six months

  • Take the Lighworker Illumination Class
  • Learn how to Meditate
  • Start Reiki Level One - Friends and Family
  • Level up to Reiki Level Two - Practitioner
  • Level up to Reiki Level Three - Teacher
  • Set up a Reiki Practice - Business Module

Become A Psychic Reader

Approximate time commitment six months

  • Take the Lightworker Illumination Class
  •  Learn how to Meditate
  • Become a Celestial Channeler
  • Celestial Channeling - Level One
  • Celestial Channeling - Level Two
  • Set up a Psychic Practice -Business Module