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I have been a Reiki Master since 1997.

In fact, I was one of the youngest Masters in Ireland in its early infancy days of integrating into our society.

I was trained by my amazing mum Mary Ananda Shakti. With her guidance we went on to attune all of my children as Reiki Masters.

I have worked with hundreds of people to support them in empowering their lives through Reiki....teaching Reiki to others is a major passion of mine.

Why? Because I know it works. I use it regularly to help with my own symptoms of Fibromyalgia and other autoimmune diseases. 

I really want to pass this beautiful blessing on to you...

If you feel I can support you on your journey, I would love to walk with you on this very special part of your life experience.


Dawn Darling Reiki Master

Dawn Darling Reiki Master

Become a Professional Practitioner

Internationally Recognised Training

Do you feel a calling to help others? Would you like to make a real difference in  the lives of others?

Do you want to help your clients with natural wellbeing tools?  You can heal yourself, family, friends, clients, pets and more with simple energy healing techniques. 

Reiki is a gentle and beautiful modality to start or add to your Health, Coaching or Wellness business, and will complement any other healing modality including yoga, massage, acupuncture, aromatherapy etc., and will also complement modern medicine. Many of our students already have a background in healthcare.

This course gives you the chance to develop your confidence to work with paying clients with practical energy activities, video demonstrations and advice on getting started as a Reiki Practitioner.

Reiki Really Helped Me Heal

When my friend encouraged me to try Reiki, I never thought it could work so quickly. After just one treatment, I already felt so much lighter and calmer. It really made such a difference that I booked in for my next one straight away. I am now on my way to becoming a Reiki Master and have a sense of real purpose in my life. 

Kenneth Flagerty

How Reiki May Help You

✔️ It could help you balance emotions and ease anxiety

✔️ Reiki can help create a sense of calmness and upliftment

 ✔️ It can also help improve your sleep

✔️ Reduce pain, tension, insomnia, lethargy

✔️ Support immunity

✔️ Support you as you overcome traumas

✔️ Soothe as you recover from illness

✔️ Results can vary for everyone

Reiki was first discovered by Dr Mikao Usui

Dr Usui

Dr Usui

 As he channeled this healing modality he kept a record of everything he learned so he could share it with others.

However, the training was strict and made available only to suitable candidates who were very disciplined and they went through years of intensive training.

My Program Allows You To Learn Reiki Without Years Of Training

✔️ A structured home study system that allows you to give healings to yourself and others 

✔️ Full training and certification in all three levels of Reiki 

✔️ Real-time attunements held monthly 

✔️ A transparent look at the Reiki Masters before you

✔️ The ability to practice Reiki at home

✔️ Learn at your pace  

✔️ Meet like-minded people 

✔️ No previous knowledge is needed 

Learning Reiki Does Not Have To Be Expensive

In the '90s and beyond, learning Reiki was pricey. It could set you back quite a few pound/euro to get qualified and training could be exclusive.  It wasn't always easy to find a Reiki Master and it could take a lot of time to advance through the levels. Not everyone had the time and money to invest in it.

Traditional Reiki Classes Can Be Expensive

Thankfully in roles, the age of technology and things slowly became more accessible. Pioneers in the field created new ways to share Reiki and it became more affordable and less time-consuming.

I firmly believe Reiki should be available to all people and it's amazing to now see it been utilized in the medical fields. More and more people are seeking this gentle healing process for the good of themselves and the good of others. 

Reiki Is A Powerful Way To Develop Intuition

What You Will Learn In Your Training

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Each Level Contains The Following