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Hello! My name is Dawn. I have helped a vast amount of people gain understanding and clarity in their personal and working lives.

Along with having spent over 25 years exploring holistic therapies, I also have a strong background in working closely with those who have crossed over to the other side of life. I like to use this ability to share comfort and support to those who have been bereaved. 

I believe in the presence of heavenly beings and I work closely with Angels to bring insights and healing to those who come from all over the world to, receive messages of inspiration.

 I feel very blessed to have always had a close relationship with the unseen aspects of this world and hope that through the visions I am shown on your behalf, I can guide you to living a more fulfilled life with absolutely no regrets. 

I know by listening to the signs your Angels may already have been showing you we can begin to understand your own Souls Journey. I can't wait to explore what they have whispering to you, with you.

Upcoming Public Healing Clinics

 October  22nd 2021      

Atlantis,   Castlebar, Co. Mayo

Fully Booked

October  26th  2021       

An Grianan Hotel, Burt, Co. Donegal   

Contact 089 4872043

to make an appointment

Healing Clinics are currently been held in Mayo, Donegal, Derry & Yorkshire, Uk.

Healing is available within a Copper Pyramid, which amplifies the vibrations required to soothe chronic pain, illness and can improve emotional wellbeing. It can lower blood pressure, increase energy and improve sleep quality. Its excellent compliment for those experiencing chronic fatigue conditions, immune disorders, arthritis,  lupus, fibromyalgia etc.  Every persons experience will be unique to them. 

Each session is intuitively lead and is approx 45 minutes. 

Both Dawn and Jason will be present for your treatment.  

Join Dawn & Guests for Sunday Spirit Service

Dawn shares healing and messages from your loved one streaming live on Social Media

Would You Like To Join An Online Development School

Dawn is passionate about supporting others in their development. 

Her twice a month development classes are a core part of your membership to Cloud Nine along with tons of meditations, content and you can watch back all previous classes in her library of content. Understand your Spirit and develop your relationship with Spirit through Dawn's easy style of learning.

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