Become A Live Guest On Dawn's Angels On Air Spiritual Chat Show

Dawn and her viewers enjoy hearing other peoples experiences with their life experiences, spiritual paths and viewing demonstrations of any skills such as Mediumship. 

If you are a Spiritual Teacher, Psychic or Medium, Healer, Life Coach or anyone that feels a resonance with her site, you maybe a good fit for her Lives at The Angels On Air Spiritual Chat Show. 

The following are her guidelines to ensure your both a good fit.

  • You have a minimum of three years working experience
  • You hold matching recognized qualifications in your area of expertise
  • You are fully registered as Self Employed or hold Charitable Status (This is mandatory)
  • You have a website and other social media channels
  • Can give evidence of client feedback

A typical session with Dawn will look like an interview. She will gather personalized questions for you to discuss with her based on your working background, your story and what you provide. You may wish to promote a book, upcoming workshop and so on. You may wish to give a demonstration of your work for up to thirty minutes. A typical interview last up to 90 minutes.

You will be required to feature this interview on your website and social media pre-session and invite your followers to join in.  This is a legally binding aspect of the exchange of energy for taking part. Without it, your interview may be suspended. 

Please be aware not all applications will be considered.

A refusal will be based on legalities, professional experience and compatibility with her show. 


Please Fill Out The Below Form To Be Considered As A Guest