Apply As A Registered Reader

Blessings and welcome. Thank you for wishing to become a registered screened reader here at Where Angels Whisper.

Our readers are carefully vetted, tested for ability and ethical standards and show a compassionate responsible approach to providing support to our clients.

The application below is the first of three parts, you will be required to move through, in order to become a registered reader with us.

Please ensure you answer all questions honestly and carefully. We read all applications, and if you pass this stage you will be contacted via email outlining the following steps you need to take to move onto the final stage. 

You maybe asked to show evidence in the form of certifications for your skills.

Should you become a registered reader, you are considered to be registered self employed in your own locality, fully insured and you understand you are not an employee of Where Angels Whisper, simply someone who hires the platform to work from.

Benefits of Becoming A Registered Reader

  •  Your own designated profile on our website
  • Your own self managed appointment diary
  • Conduct Facebook Lives on our home page 
  • Access to further training
  • Support from our admin team ready to help you succeed

Please Fill Out The Application Form

Our Ideal Applicants

  • Have a minimum of three years experience
  • Have documented qualifications
  • Already have a client base 
  • Self motivated
  • Good people skills
  • Compassionate & Supportive
  • Intuitive to the needs of others
  • Adaptable 
  • Natural ability
  • Open to learning
  • Team player
  • Comfortable on camera