What Are Energy Activations?


Energy activations allow you to open up to higher frequencies and your highest purest potential. The aid in releasing karmic frequencies from this life and previous lives, allowing you to live this life to the fullest. You also meet spiritual friends along the way, in the form of Angels, Ascended Masters and Spirit Guides. They can also help improve your own intuition and clear your energy channels so you can live a more balanced soul-aligned  life. 

Individual & Group Energy Activations

DNA Activation

60 Minutes - includes a consultation with dawn

The DNA Activation helps stimulate the pineal gland, which houses our Master Cell. Through activating our pineal gland,  we begin to embody more of our psychic senses and draw in higher frequencies of light into our physical body. This aids in releasing toxins and elevates our thinking mind. It can improve physical health and aligns us with our Soul's purpose.

Archangel Activation

45 Minutes

There are seven major Archangels that govern the seven chakra system. Raise your frequency to encounter all seven Archangels. Each Angel will move you through an aspect of your life, as you clear a pathway for light frequencies to hold you in a healing space. Each Angel will bless you with a different gift and help increase your intuitive senses. 

Clearing Karmic Codes

60 Minutes - includes a consultation with dawn

We all have karma that has been created in this life or previous lives. Karma is the cause and effect of choices and actions we may take. In the clearing karma codes, you will journey to an aspect of your lives that still holds potential negative Karma. Through the activation of light codes and ancestral healing, you will begin the process of releasing old karmic debts. This works well in conjunction with both Past Life Regression and Ancestral Healing Sessions.

Akashic Journey

60 minutes - includes a consultation with dawn

Etheric Body Activation

60 Minutes - includes a consultation with dawn

The etheric body is one of the layers connected to the Aura Field. It lies closest to our physical body. Often it becomes stagnated through emotional experiences and trauma. The Etheric Body Activation, clears, transmutes and raises the vibration of the Auric Field. It cuts cords and releases old wounds while inviting the presence of Angels and St Germain of the Violet Flame to assist.

Guardian Angel Activation

45 Minutes

Your Guardian Angel walks with you through many lifetimes. They hold insights in your life and souls journey. In this gentle Guardian Angel Activation, you will journey to the sacred temple and meet your Guardian Angel. They will share with you vital knowledge to assist you on your path at this time. Each experience is unique and personal.

Past Life Regression

60 Minutes - inlcudes a consultation with dawn

Have you ever had a sense of De Ja Vu, when you meet a person or visit a specfic place. Our soul often brings us back to people and places we have already connected with before. Visit previous lives in the safely guided regression experience. Clear blockages and karmic debts, while understanding your soul at a deeper level. Journey into the past and meet your former self. Share in vivid experiences and process layers of your Souls lifetimes.

Ancestral Healing

60 minutes - includes a consultation with dawn

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Chakra Activation

60 minutes - includes a consultation with dawn

The energy body known as the aura houses several energy centers known as chakras. The Chakra Activation, gently opens the seven major chakras, while you also get to meet your Spiritual Development Guide. The offer you guidance and support while bringing you a gift to use in your own spiritual practices. This activation works well in conjunction with the DNA Activation.